Women's Hot Topic - Claire Smith - 13th August 2016

Book Review

Claire Smith - Christian and Feminist Talk

Questions and Answers


Women's Dinner - Naomi Reed - 14th June 2016

The Seasons of Life - Naomi Reed

Managing Stress - Colleen Hirst - 1st November 2015

Managing Stress - Colleen Hirst

Depression & Anxiety - Dr Rod McKay - 26th April 2015

Click here to download the Powerpoint Presentation

Depression and Anxiety Pt 1 Rod McKay 26th April 2015

Depression and Anxiety Pt 2 Rod McKay 26th April 2015

Wendy Pott's Talks from the Women's Conference 2015

Main Talk - Our Great God's Story

Tips for Conversations about Jesus

Sharing Your Story

The Gospel in a Nutshell

Ainlsey Poulos Talk on Envy - 28th August 2013

Ainsley Intro - "Let's meet Ainsley Poulos"

Envy Monologues - "I don't envy do I?"

Ainsley Talk - "Escaping Envy"